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BMW G310R Release Date and Price in UK

Get detailed information about BMW G 310R Release Date UK and BMW G 310 R Price in UK in this post. BMW G 310R he is one of the most awaited bike of the Year 2016, because of its new design and modified specs, BMW G 310 R has become one of the highly anticipated bike in Worlwide. You can find the best deals to buy BMW G310R online in UK in the price list section.

BMW G310R Release Date and Price

[Image Credit: BMW Motorrad]

BMW G 310 R Release Date UK

BMW G 310R Price in UK

BMW G 310R Details

According to BMW, the G 310 R bike will give you good riding pleasure and it is specially built to ride in cities, it’s easy to handle and has the sporty look at the same time. The bike seems to be very light when compared to a normal super bike, with its 313 cc engine it will be good to write inside the city and on highways too. BMW G 310R carries the S 1000 R jeans, as it has the similar sporty headlight with a new powerful headlight. The bike also has a dynamic fuel tank trim and a sporty seat which catches of every person passing by. BMW G 310 R also has a detailed aluminium swing arm which make sure that the design is light and strong, the bike also comes with the wide tires for comfort riding pleasure even in the turns. This is one of the bike which is been most waited by the fans in UK.

Coming to the features and specs of BMW G 310R, it is equipped with a single cylinder four stroke 313 cc engine which is water cooled and has four valves with wet sump lubrication. The byke produces maximum torque of 21 lb-ft (28 Nm) at 7,500 rpm and produces maximum power of 34 hp (25 kW) at 9,500 rpm. The engine has compression ratio of 10.6:1 with electronic fuel injection mixture control. The maximum speed of the BMW G 310 R is mentioned as 90 miles per hour (145 KM per hour). The recommended fuel type is premium unleaded petrol for the best performance. The battery is of 12 volt which comes with the maintenance free. The fuel tank capacity is 2.9 gallons (11 litres) with the reserve fuel of 0.3 gallons (1 litre). The length and height of the bike are 78.3″ (1,988 mm) and 48.3″ (1,227 mm) respectively. The boy comes with the cast aluminium wheels, the rim of rear wheel is slightly higher than the front. Both the wheels have disc brake equipment with BMW Motorrad ABS for better braking in a slippery turn.

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