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Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Price in UK

Get detailed information about Apple iPhone 7 Release Date UK and Apple iPhone 7 Price in UK in this post. Most of the Apple fans are searching for specification, rumors and new unique features list of iPhone 7. As the last version of the series released in two variants, Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are likely to be launched at once, similar to the previous normal and plus versions. Some of the rumor features of the iPhone seven are mentioned below.

  • It will have energy to display, that is, it will not have any body in the screen region
  • There will be no headphone jack for this new phone, if this happens it will be the new flagship in the mobile industry
  • A waterproof body, this is the feature which is being anticipated by Apple fans from many years



Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Price
Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Price

Consumers don’t like the idea of removing a headphone jack, they have even signed a petition so that Apple does not bring this feature and there are already more than 200,000 signatures on the petition. Well, I’m only says who has won the consumers or the Apple.

According to the source was a patent was filed on 12 November 2015 which shows that the iPhone 7 could be waterproof, also it suggests that if any water or liquid that goes into the iPhone 7 will be spilled out through speaker grills, I guess this feature is just a rumour because may not be possible to add this feature right now, but in near future it may become a reality.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date UK


Apple iPhone 7 Price in UK

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*price list will be updated once Apple iPhone 7 is released

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Another rumor surrounding the Apple iPhone 7 is it will get eSIM, so what’s this eSIM? It’s an electronic SIM card which will be replacing the physical SIM cards and it will be embedded within the device. Rumours say that the both companies Samsung and Apple had discussions with mobile operating networks to make eSIM as standard version of the card in the near future. But, right now Apple is concentrating on iPhone 7 release date in UK.

Some of the sources say that the iPhone 7 will have a 3-D feature, that means you can wear the glasses and see the virtual world in your phone itself. The Apple supply partner TPT is rumoured to be working on a project on a 3-D vision without use of any glasses.

There might be an ads display for the Apple iPhone 7, which will be an answer to the Samsung Galaxy edge and S6 edge. Apple hopes to display screens on both of the side walls so that the display covers all of the body in the three directions.

Another tackler feature of the iPhone 7 may be reversible USB charger. There will be a lightning fast connector on one end and reversible USB will be on the other end for fast charging.

There may be dual rear cameras for Apple iPhone 7, so either dual rear cameras? Because they can capture the video footage using the both cameras in the yearly high definition, and they will be used for creating a 3-D video on Apple iPhone 7 which may be a revolutionary feature to beat all the competitors.

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