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Samsung 8K TV Release Date and Price in UK

Get detailed information about Samsung 8K TV Release Date UK and Samsung 8K TV Price in UK in this post. The people are still not used to the 4K TV, Samsung has launched their 8K TV which has the highest resolution till date in the history of television. Yes, Samsung has displayed a 8K TV in CES 2016 event held in January 2016. This TV has 8K resolution screen and has been called as SUHD which means super ultra high-definition and this is the only TV in the world which is cadmium free.



Samsung 8K TV Release Date and Price
Samsung 8K TV Release Date and Price

Samsung has always developed a new line of television sets, after their success in LED TV, 4K UHD TV and 4K SUHD TV, they are now back with their new innovation and that’s Samsung 8K SUHD TV which was showcased at the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show). Lets check out the features, specifications and other details of Samsung 8k TV.

Samsung 8K TV Release Date UK


Samsung 8K TV Price in UK

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*the prices listed above for Samsung 8K TV are in British pounds.
*exact price list will be updated once Samsung 8K TV is released.

Samsung 8K TV Videos

Samsung 8K TV Details

So what’s this 8K resolution TV? We know that there are 4K TVs in the market and whose resolution is 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels, but now Samsung is introducing us to a 8K TV which means the resolution will be 7680×4320 which is the highest ever till now. This is the first device in the television category, but many cameras have already launched which have 8K recording feature, for example in 2013 a camera named AH-4800 was developed by Astro Design which can record 8K video and in 2015 there was an announcement by the Camara company red that they will release a new Camara named red weapon which is capable of recording 80 K video.

Samsung says that we should make use of the new technology Day by Day and should improve the television viewing experience so that you see more crispier lifelike picture quality. Earlier sharp sold a few of the 8K TVs for research and development, but the prize was $120,000 which is very huge and only the R&D Department of companies could afford and no common man can buy this TV. But now Samsung has made the dream a reality by launching the 8K TV and later LG company is also lined up to release their 8K TV in UK. Currently their highest price for consumer TV is for 4K SUHD JS9500 Series Curved Smart TV, which is about $19,999, so the expected price for Samsung 8K resolution television is around $34,999.

Features of Samsung 8K TV

  • 7680×4320 screen resolution
  • Quantum dot display with 3D support
  • 98-inch curved screen for better viewing
  • SUHD display for reality kind of picture quality
  • 33 million pixels, its as much as four times what you get in 4K
  • 8K signals up to 120 frames per second
  • More features /specs will be updated after official release

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Further Reading

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