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FIFA 17 Release Date and Price in UK

Get detailed information about FIFA 17 Release Date UK and FIFA 17 Price in UK. You can also buy FIFA 17 online in UK with cheap and best deals. FIFA 17 or FIFA 2017 is a football video game which is developed by EA Sports for multiple platforms which includes Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. FIFA 17 is one of the most anticipated video game for the year 2016 in sports category and it may also release on Google Play for Android mobile phones / tablets and on Apple App Store for iPhone / iPad in near future. So, football fans in UK, get ready to experience a whole new level of soccer video game with stunning graphics and game controls.

FIFA 17 Release Date and Price

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FIFA 17 Release Date UK

There were many rumors about the release date of FIFA 17 that the game might release earlier than expected, but EA Sports officially announced the release date in the month of June 2016 at E3 2016 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016). There are two release dates announced for FIFA 17, it will release on 27th September 2016 in North American countries while it will be released on 29th September 2016 all over the world.



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FIFA 17 Price in UK

The price of FIFA 17 in UK has been announced by EA Sports. It will cost you around $60, there are different prices for the different editions and the price will also vary for which gaming console you are buying. FIFA 17 is available in editions – standard, Deluxe and super deluxe editions. FIFA 17 is priced $59.99 for standard, $79.99 for Deluxe and $99.99 for super deluxe. After FIFA 17 is released the price of FIFA 16 will definitely drop.

Version Standard Deluxe Super Deluxe
Xbox One £44.99 £59.99 £79.99
PlayStation 4 £44.99 £59.99 £79.99
PC £44.99 £59.99 £79.99
Xbox 360 £44.99 £59.99 £79.99
PlayStation 3 £44.99 £59.99 £79.99
Android N/A
iPhone / iPad N/A


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Buy FIFA 17 Online in UK

FIFA 17 is available for pre-order online in UK from the official website of EA Sports and online shopping sites. If you pre-order the super deluxe edition then you will get up to 40 FIFA ultimate team jumbo premium gold packs and team of we clone players with other great FUT content. The game CD cover features James Rodríguez, Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus. You can click the below shopping sites to buy FIFA 17 online, it will display FIFA 17 for all the gaming consoles, so choose your gaming console version and FIFA 17 edition before purchasing.

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FIFA 17 Details

FIFA 17 will have a new single player story mode which has been titled as “the journey” where you must play a young character who is trying to get into Premier League, and when ready to join, the players should choose one of the 20 Premier League clubs for which he will play for the whole season. FIFA 17 has got smooth graphics, but for PC version you computer / laptop must meet minimum and recommended specifications (system requirements) to run the video game smoothly.

FIFA 17 has been developed using Frostbite game engine, this is the first FIFA game to be developed by game this engine. Frostbite is a popular game engine, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield 1943, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 video games have been developed by using this popular game engine. If you are an EA Access member on Xbox One are Origin Access member on Windows PC then you can play the game trial which will be available before to 3 months of the release date, you can play and experience the FIFA 17 earlier than anyone else.

FIFA 17 Specifications / Features

Name Feature / Specs
Game Engine Frostbite
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Story mode YES
Dialogue wheel YES
Number of Teams 20
Developer EA Canada
Publisher EA Sports
Genres Sports, interactive drama
Platforms Microsoft Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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