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PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release Date and Price in UK

Get detailed information about PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release Date UK and PlayStation 5 (PS5) Price in UK in this post. PlayStation 5 is an upcoming gaming console from Sony. PlayStation 5, usually called as PS5 is the successor of PlayStation 4 (PS4) and will be bundled with most unique and powerful features. When PS4 released, it rule the gaming market and is usually considered about par when compared with Xbox One, the rival console from Microsoft. You can find the best deals to buy Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) online in UK in the price list section.

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release Date and Price

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PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release Date UK

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Price in UK

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Details

According to the gaming fans in UK, PlayStation 4 is a number one gaming console right now and they want to keep this trend going as they want to see the PlayStation 5 in action in future. But the life cycle of the gaming consoles are longer than the other gadgets like mobile phones and tablets, which release a new version of Smart phone every year. For example Samsung Galaxy series and Apple iPhone series, a new device gets launched every year with improved features and specs, but in case of gaming consoles it will take minimum of 5 years to develop a new and updated version. Some of the news reports strongly suggest that PlayStation 4 Neo will launch next year before the development of PlayStation 5. The creator of “odd world” game series, Lorne Lanning revealed in a online show that he had a talk with the Sony president Shuhei Yoshida about the development and release of Sony PlayStation 5, and the answer he got was nothing.

There is a gap of 7 years between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, so one might guess that the PlayStation 5 is not coming at least till 2019. As per the news sources, there is no official confirmation about the PS5 development from the Sony. But seeing the up growing market of the gaming industry, Sony will surely developed the PlayStation 5 gaming console in near future, they might consider to release a improved version of PS4 in UK in a year or two. Some of the rumors also suggest that Sony will first release the improved version of the PlayStation 4 which will be named as PlayStation 4.5 or super slim or Neo or Superslim.

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